Top Finance Companies Near Me

Finance companies play a key role in the economy. They are involved in a number of sectors that include investment banking, credit rating agencies, mortgage companies and insurance firms. The financial sector accounts for $1.5 trillion, or 7.4% of the total GDP in the United States. It also provides employment opportunities to many people across the country. New York City, the finance capital of the world, is home to many top finance companies near me and is one of the best cities to work in the industry.

Even Financial is an NYC based fintech company empowering financial institutions to connect with consumers at the right time. Their consumer acquisition platform combines a personalized digital experience with on-demand product recommendations enabling financial institutions to deliver the most relevant offers.

Security Finance is a mortgage company that provides a range of loan options to help homeowners buy their dream homes. Its online lending platform makes it easy for consumers to apply and get approval for a mortgage without ever leaving the comfort of their homes.

Finding talent for finance and accounting roles can be challenging, especially when you need to fill a critical role. Partnering with a finance recruiter or accounting staffing agency can help you find the most qualified candidates, whether it’s for a full-time or contract-to-hire position. These firms have a strong talent pipeline and will dig into their networks to match you with finance professionals that can boost your business.