The Gift ofwine gift Wine

What better feeling is there than sinking into your vorite armchair with a glass of your vorite wine, relaxing at the end of a long hard day? Or popping open a bottle of champagne to celebrate that special occasion, or simply enjoying a glass of refreshing chilled white wine on a hot summers day?

Once youve chosen your wine youll need to learnhow to serveit for example whattemperatureshould it be served at?

Have you ever been hosting a meal and wondered what wine to serve with the meal? Certain wines and foods

The wine world can be very intimidating for someone new to wine. It is often surrounded by snobbery and pretence but forget all that this site cuts through all the nonsense and tells you all you need to know about wine in a and clear way.

So you ncy a bottle and youre standing in the wine section of your local supermarket. What do you buy? Help! There are so many choices red wine, white wine, dry, sweet, French, Italian, Californian, Merlot, Cabernet, Champagne, Bordeaux where do you start?

A glass of good wine can be one of lifes greatest pleasures.

Whatever your interest in wine enjoy it! … and drink responsibly.

If youre thinking aboutwine as an investmentthen I will explain the fundamentals and pitlls that you need to consider before you start.

Dont panic, Ive written abeginners guidethat will help you. It explains what the different names mean, the differences between red, white, ros, champagne and desert wines. To get you started I have listed the most popularredsandwhites.

Choosing a particular wine glass for a of wine is important. The shape of the glass can influence how you appreciate the arroma and flavour of the wine.

Wine is indeed a gift,it even has its own Roman god,Bacchus, the god of wine and revelry.

Dont worry that youll have to spend a fortune on equipment Ill tell you the minimum amount ofequipment to buyto get you started, using cooking utensils you already have where possible.

complement each other the sum of the two being greater than the wine on its own or the food on its own.Matching food and winecan increase your enjoyment of the whole dinning experience.

Many people make their own wine from fruits and berries found in their own garden or in the local hedgerows. In these days of the credit crunch I will show you, in a step by step guide,how to make your own winefor as little as p a bottle! Thats only p a glass!

You cannot successfully grow and ripen grapes outdoors in the UK . This is a common misconception. Its easy! Just follow my step by step instructions.