Exploratory writing Classes

A creative writing class is a great way to expand your skills as a writer and explore new genres. It can also help you get your work noticed by publishing houses or a literary journal, and it can be a fun way to meet other writers.

Many of these courses will cost money to take, so be sure to budget accordingly. However, you can also find a few free creative writing classes online that will give you some valuable experience and teach you about the craft.

Coursera offers a number of creative writing classes on their platform, which you can audit without paying anything. You can also check out Udemy, which is a similar platform that lets individuals create courses and host them on their own platforms.

MasterClass is a popular website that teaches a variety of topics, from creative writing to coding. Their creative writing courses are self-paced and offer a variety of learning materials and videos to assist you in your journey.

Margaret Atwood Teaches the Art of Storytelling – $49.99 | 3 hours and 43 minutes long (23 video lessons)

This course is taught by award-winning novelist and poet Margaret Atwood. Her lessons are packed with practical tips and advice for anyone who wants to become a better writer.

The course is designed to help students develop their creative writing english creative writing classes singapore style through exercises and readings. It also includes peer-critiquing sessions, where you can improve your skills by evaluating other people’s work.

Creative Writing Specialization – Wesleyan University – $49 per month after trial expires

This specialization offers four courses on creative writing by four different teachers, covering elements of three major creative writing genres: short stories, narrative essays, and memoir. It culminates in a challenging capstone project that requires the development of a substantial original story in the genre of your choosing.

Coursera’s Creative Writing Specialization is free to access with a seven-day trial. Once your trial is over, you can keep on learning with a subscription to Coursera.

Wesleyan’s courses are a great way to learn more about the craft of writing, and they can be a useful tool for writers of all levels. These courses cover all aspects of writing, from how to develop characters and plots to using literary devices like metaphors and alliteration.

A great way to get creative writing inspiration is by reading other literature. This will show you what works and what doesn’t in different genres, but it’s best not to copy other authors or try to write like them.

The key to successful creative writing is creativity. This doesn’t mean you have to write a fantasy story about aliens and unicorns; it means using your imagination to explore a completely unique world.

You can also use your creativity to tell a more realistic or socially relevant story. These kinds of writings can be more accessible to a wider audience, and they’re often easier to write than a fantasy or sci-fi story.